clsAzureMLGetCategories Step

Last published at: December 30th, 2022


Get the category name, score details of an image using Azure ML.  


  • varGlobalToStoreValue– Variable or global to hold the result
  • imageFilePath – file path to the image


  • True – step executed successfully
  • False – step failed to execute



Let’s build and execute the clsazuremlgetcategoriesDef  example. 

  • Create a new workflow definition
  • Drag a get "clsAzureMLgetCategories" step from the toolbox
  • Configure the step using the following properties:

  • Azure ML settings can be configured in status page -> Configuration -> Azure ML 

  • Save the process definition. Create a new process instance and execute. The step should get the category name, score details of an image and store the result in variable.result as configured.