clsUTCToUserTimeZone Step

Last published at: June 22nd, 2021


Convert UTC date times to user time zone


  • user - Provide User Id
  • utcVarGlobals - Select UTC date/time and variables/globals


  • True – step executed successfully 
  • False – step failed to execute



Let’s build and execute the clsUTCToUserTimeZoneDef example.

  • Create a new definition called “clsUTCToUserTimeZoneDef
  • Select the definition and click the “design” button
  • Drag the above controls to the canvas
  • Connect the dots between the controls as above
  • Click on the “clsUTCToUserTimeZone” step to configure its properties
  • Configure the following values for the properties as shown on the below graphic
  • Save the workflow definition, create a workflow instance and execute. 
  • Check the step properties by rendering the workflow instance. clsUTCToUserTimeZone step should convert UTC date times to user time zone as shown on the below graphic.