Last published at: May 14th, 2024

This functionality will allow the user to define decision tables for making decisions within workflows.   The goal of decision tables is to define a # of input conditions and a # of output conditions.  Compare the incoming values with input conditions to figure out what the output is.

Example: Let us consider the below example for numeric evaluation where there are 2 input values: “low” and “high” and 1 output value: “risk”.  Click on the “+” icon displayed at the top left panel to add multiple input rows.

Enter the input and output values as shown below and save the table.

Click the “Test Decision Table” button to test the decision table with input values.  Enter values for “low” and “high” input values:

Creating a decision table

Users can create a new decision table by selecting the “Create” menu item and select the no. of inputs and outputs. All date/times are stored within the database as UTC and displayed based on local timezone of the user. 

Note: Engine runtime data are in ISO + UTC format. 

Design decision table

The decision table can be modified within the designer by selecting “Actions -> Design”. 

Rows within the decision table can be reordered by dragging the icon in front of the row.  Decision table can be also tested using the designer UI:

Enter values for the inputs and click the “Evaluate” button to view the resulting output(s). 

Rename decision table

Rename the created decision table name by selecting “Actions -> Rename” menu item as shown below: