Using the deSnapshot API

Last published at: May 14th, 2024

Get a Snapshot

deSnapShot oSnapShot = oDef.getSnapShot(“snapshot id”);

Gets a specific snapshot using the snapshot ID.

Get a list of snapshots for the definition

Dictionary oList = oDef.getSnapshots();

Gets a list of snapshots for the current definition using a Dictionary object.

Generate a graphical model

Bool bFlag = oSnapshot.generateModelGraphic(ref Bitmap oImageBitmap, string imageFilesPa th, ref Point oDeltaPoint)

Generates a graphical model for the snapshot as an bitmap image.

Get snapshot properties

Hashtable oProps = oSnapshot.getProperties(params string[] propertyNames)

Gets a list of properties for the snapshot, if property names are provided, then only those properties will be retrieved.