Last published at: May 14th, 2024

FlowWright lets users create and manage HTML based forms.  Forms follow similar concepts to workflow processes.  Forms are built using form definitions, any # of form instances can be instantiated from a given form definition.  The following UI below displays the form definition UI: 

With this form definition screen, the following operations can be performed:

  • Create a new form definition
  • Add definitions by drag and drop the definition HTML file
  • Design the definition in the form designer
  • Rename the form definition
  • Set form definition as Public / Private
  • Remove form URL
  • Remove a form definition to recycle bin
  • View recycle bin
  • Create form data table
  • Remove all instances for a given form definition
  • Make a copy of the definition
  • Change owner of the definition
  • Save the definition as a template
  • Manage snapshots of a form definition 
  • Manage form definitions to user’s favorites
  • Execute form definition with params
  • Graphically render the form definition
  • View form definition history
  • View selected definition usage
  • Import the definition as an HTML file
  • Export the definition as XML, ZIP or HTML file
  • Manage form definition permissions
  • Manage locked definitions and unlock definitions
  • Archive selected form definition instances
  • Generate the form design using its data table