Generating PDF output documents from a process

Last published at: May 14th, 2024

A process may use many forms to collect data from users and to perform approvals, at the end of the process, an output document may be created from the data collected by the process. FlowWright has a form step called “generateoutputdoc”.  

Using this step, a template can be built within the step with variables as value place holders.  At runtime, the step will perform the variable value substitutions and generate a PDF document.

Open the process definition within the process designer and connect a “generateoutputdoc” step to the end of the process.


Let’s define a variable called “outputFilePath” with a string data type.

Click on the step and configure the values for the properties. Click the “Document Content” button to build the template with variable place holders.  

Configure the following document generation template content with place holders:

Click the “Save” button to save the template.  Save the process definition and re-execute the process instance. Render the executed process instance.

Click the “generateoutputdoc” step to view the execution details for the step.  

Variable “outPutFilePath” shows the path to the generated PDF file.

Generated pdf document looks as follows: