Integrating FlowWright with your solution

Last published at: May 15th, 2023

FlowWright is designed to be an embeddable workflow solution to any product or solution, even in different technology platforms.  FlowWright supports various levels of integration with other platforms and software, here are the most common integrations:

  • Use the .Net API to pull data from FlowWright and display within your solution.  .Net API is easy to use and high performance.  Look at the Development section on how to use the .Net API.
  • Use the REST API to communicate with FlowWright through other platforms and technologies such as Java, Python and etc.  Look at the Development section on how to use the REST API.
  • Use FlowWright UI pages in your solution
  • Use the Enterprise Service Bus to perform event based operations using custom events and event handlers.  Look at the ESB section on how to use the ESB.

On top of above integration methods, FlowWright is fully extendable, you extend FlowWright by building your custom components for the following:

  • data types - UI controls to display step inputs
  • workflow steps - workflow steps that perform certain functionality
  • business objects - business objects that live inside your APIs
  • form UI controls - UI controls that render on forms
  • event handlers - handlers that perform certain functionality
  • authentication providers - providers that handle authentication of users
  • file system connectors - connectors that provide folder and file access

FlowWright provides documentation and online videos on extending FlowWright for each of the above types.

Integration really depends on what you are doing with the product.  For example in most cases, integration is a very simple process:

  • UI for displaying a list of user tasks
  • UI for graphically rendering a workflow process

If you need integration with other systems, then there are 2 ways to perform:

  • Integration with other systems using process steps
  • Integration with other systems using the ESB

Please review API documentation and extending documentation for more information on integration.  FlowWright also provides integration training for customers that is specific to their solution.