Engine Log

Learn about the Engine Log

Last published at: May 30th, 2024

The engine log provides information and log messages for all FlowWright engines. In a multi-tenant environment, the tenant manager can only control engines.

You may navigate between System Log and other Logs using the following UI. 


For Engine Log, navigate the Status—Logs page to see the following UI. The log table can be filtered by selecting one of the list items. You can use the Search box to filter the result list further. 


You may export the log items using one of the options in the Export menu. The export log is created and downloaded to the local folder using the option type. The XML files can be imported to another FlowWright environment for further analysis, and the other types can be stored as documentation. 


Using the Clear-All menu option, you may choose to clear the selected log item or all the log items. The items are cleared permanently from the application. 


Using the Send To Support option, you may send the selected log item or all items to support.