Learn about process instances and other functions.

Last published at: October 4th, 2023

NOTE: Henceforth, the Workflow Definitions shall be referred as 'Process Definitions' and the 'Workflow Instances as 'Process Instances' in the new version 9.10.

The process instances tab lets the user manage process instances. Instances are created from process definitions. UI for this screen looks as follows. In the new version 9.10, all tables now refresh with requiring a page refresh. Click on the "Refresh" button to refresh the process instances table list.  


Following operations can be performed using the Process Instance UI:

  • Create a process instance
  • Run the engine manually
  • Refresh the page
  • Reset a process instance to the beginning
  • Reset a process instance to a selected step
  • Remove a process instance
  • Abort the execution of a process instance
  • Execute the process  instance
  • Execute the process instance by providing values for input parameters
  • Get the XML for the process instance
  • Graphically render the execution of the process instance
  • Graphically render the process instance
  • Create a report for the process instance
  • View sub-workflows for each process instances
  • View each process instance
  • Archive selected process definition instances
  • Manage process definition favorites by user