Settings Designer

Last published at: May 14th, 2024

The "Settings Designer" UI lets the user to define the system and user defined configuration settings. Currently, all configuration is stored within the deConfig table.

Select "Status -> Settings -> Settings Designer" menu option and the configuration settings are displayed on a new page with a tree structure. 

  • Category
    • Item
    • Item
  • Category
    • Item
    • Item

The UI provides provisions to to Create, Edit, Remove of Configuration items. All these user events are tracked and recorded in the Audit Log. 

Create new Item Category

Select the root folder "Category" or any folder on the branch and right-click to choose option "Create".

  Enter the information to create a new category in the popup window.

Select the Category type from the drop down list provided. Enter the Key, Value and Display name. Check the other attributes on the form. Confirm the details by selecting Save button. 

The new category is displayed on the branch on screen refersh. 

View Item Category

Select the notch connecting the branch folder to view the Category information. The Category name, value, display name, and other attributes are displayed as sub-folders as shown in below. 

Edit / Remove Item Category

Select the "Category" or any folder on the branch and right-click to choose option "Edit / Remove". 

The Edit menu option displays the category settings details in the popup window for changes as shown below. Edit the details and confirm the modified settings by selecting Save button. The Category type information cannot be changed. 

The Remove menu option prompts the user to confirm the decision. The configuration settings are removed on selecting OK button.