Last published at: May 14th, 2024

Step categories provide a grouping of steps/actions into different buckets that are ordered logically. Steps are categorized and displayed within the FlowWright designer toolbox as shown below: 

By default, all steps are shown on the toolbox.  As the # of steps grows, it makes easier to find them when the steps are grouped.  FlowWright groups some of the steps into the database, engine, and file system steps.  Each category is configurable. Subcategories can be created for each category and the steps can be placed within these sub-categories as shown below:

Categorizing steps

Steps can be categorized by selecting a category from the list.  Selected and unselected steps are rendered on the right side.  By selecting unchecked steps, they will be automatically assigned to the selected category. 

Step categories can be renamed, deleted and new subcategories can be created by using the context menu. Also, an image for the selected category can be uploaded by clicking on the “Upload Image” option as shown below: