Process Automation with a Personal Touch

Last published at: April 26th, 2022

Process automation is an interesting subject and we provide the platform, tools, guidance, help, consulting, and all wrapped in with a personal touch.  And the reason is, if you are successful in automating your processes, then we are successful too.

We understand process automation inside-out, current trends, and we are always innovating to build the future of process automation.  We focus on 2 things, provide plenty of features to make your process automation go smooth, and keep it simple.  Simplicity is a long-time focus, as we build new and innovative features into the product, we want to make them very easy to use for our end customers.  Our innovation that is in our platform is totally based on current trends, future trends and what our customer’s needs are.   If we solve the problem for one customer, then we have also solved it for other customers.

We haven’t thought of every use case out there, or what a customer might face, but we are here to listen and help you automate.  Given the years of experience, and the combined level of experience from our FlowWright team, most times, 99% of the times we have the answers to your questions/problems.  And if we don’t, we’ll make our best to add to the product as a feature.

There are many examples of this that I can point to.  In some cases, even, when we had major features to build, our customers have provided solutions for these features.  In the case of FTP steps, they were built by one of our Latin American customers.  In the case of Test mode in processes, this was a cool feature introduced to us by the Kansan Department of Transportation.  And this Test mode feature came very useful for our Bosch and POST Consumer Brands customers, who build very large workflow processes to perform Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cut Over projects that include 1000’s of tasks.  Using Test mode, they are able to test these plans before executing the real plan.

So, where’s the personal touch come in all this?

  • Our customer support is free, you can post questions on our customer support portal.   Most questions are answered within few hours, rather than 1-2 days.
  • Priority paid support; we have dedicated support staff to assist you with any issue you have.
  • Installation and configuration support, you want us to setup your environment, we’ll be happy to.
  • We can build you a Proof of concept (POC) and demonstrate to you and your team, completely free.  Just give us an example process and a form, we’ll do the rest.
  • We provide online/onsite training, except for basic, all pricing packages include full training on FlowWright, this includes, all features of FlowWright, workflow patterns and developer training on how to extend FlowWright.
  • Documentation site is accessible to all at
  • FlowWright YouTube channel has 100s of videos
  • You want to automate your process, but don’t know where to start, just ask, we are here to help.
  • You need help with architecture, we have the best architects.  Will have our FlowWright product architects help you with your architecture.  This include infrastructure architecture, data architecture, and or process architecture.
  • You want to us to automate your manual process into a digital process and transition to your team, we can do that.

We can help you in many ways.  We love our customers, and we love smart customers.  Our customers are always requesting new features in the product, and always pushing the product to the outer limits.  Keep those great ideas coming, we are happy to build these features and innovative.

So, where does the personal touch come, well, every single customer we have is referenceable.  If ask any of our customers, they will tell you that the personal relationship we have with them has made them a success with FlowWright.

We are here to help; you just have to ask…. 

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