App Store

Learn about FlowWright's own application store

Last published at: May 30th, 2024

Application Store is an online store that sells Applications built on top of FlowWright to our customers. With a simple click of a button, the Application is installed in the customer’s FlowWright environment.

There are three parts to this:

1.    Application design and maintenance – these applications will be built and maintained by FlowWright and placed in the Application Store for download and installation
2.    Application access from FlowWright – Customers will be able to view the Application Store right from the FlowWright UI and download, install, or update an Application
3.    Application view from external website

Application design and maintenance:

The application builder in FlowWright handles the application design and building process. Once an application is built, it is exported as a package and stored within the application store. The FlowWright team should be able to perform the following tasks within the Application Store. 

  • Create/Update an Application with metadata
  • Mark an Application as Active or NOT Active
  • Application Store View
  • View by Category
  • View by Base Version
  • Search
  • Analytics


Application Store:

The application Store will be accessible through the FlowWright User Interface and an External website. The external website is mainly for advertising capabilities and applications.  The application store will host a web service that will provide data to the FlowWright UI for providing the following functions:

  • Display a list of Top 10 Applications
  • Display Applications based on Category
  • Display Application based on Base Version
  • Display Applications based on search
  • Download and install Applications
  • Update existing downloaded Applications