Dashboard Function Widgets

Learn to configure dashboard function Widgets

Last published at: May 31st, 2024

All the function widgets have similar configuration UI features. After dragging a function widget to the dashboard designer canvas, click the Edit icon to configure its properties. 

Our UI gives you complete control over your dashboard's look and feel. Provide the title text that best suits your needs. Select the DLL from the drop-down list. Select the function from the drop-down list. Provide the SQL table date column reference to sort the result set on the date. Use the option to select the bar chart type between vertical and horizontal. Use the option to select the bar chart result type between number and percentage.  Select the colors from the drop-down list for heading, body, and legend text. Click on the Save button to confirm the configuration. 


On the dashboard designer canvas, select the UI - Preview menu option to view the dashboard. 


The function widget dashboard is displayed on the new page. 


To view the dashboard in the menu pane, select the Utils—Show/Hide option on the dashboard designer canvas. 


Refresh the FlowWright Dashboard page to view the new dashboard in the left pane, as shown below.  


You can watch this video to learn more.