Create Decision Table

Learn to create a decision table

Last published at: May 31st, 2024

This function lets you create a decision table. 

To initiate, navigate to the Create—Decision Table page and select the Actions—Create menu option. 


The Create Decision Table popup window is displayed for configuration. You must provide a name and description text. Select the number of input parameters and output results from the drop-down list. When creating the decision table, click on the Open Designer checkbox to navigate to the designer canvas. 


Example: Let us consider the numeric evaluation example below, which has two input values, “low” and “high,” and one output value, “risk.” 


Provide the input and output values as shown below and save the table. Configure the column names for input and output. Click the “+” icon at the top left panel to add multiple input rows. Click on the SAVE button to confirm the changes.


Click on the Test Decision Table button to evaluate the setup. The UI is rendered as shown below. Provide the values for low and high fields. Click on the Evaluate button to view the risk output value. An alert notification indicates a successful match; the table row is highlighted in this context.  


An alert notification indicates an unsuccessful match for values not in the range provided. 


You can watch this video to learn more.