Add comments in process design

Learn how to add comments in the process design

Last published at: April 29th, 2024

In-line comments within the process designer

The user can place in-line comments anywhere in the design canvas to describe the process design. 

Navigate to the Edit - Comments menu option. Drag-drop the comments outline box onto the canvas.


Provide the in-line comments in the box in the right pane. Split the lines for multiline comments. Change the text and background color using the dropdown list. 


Save the comments when done. 


Definition comments within the process designer

Definition comments are added by the user as comments on what was changed. These comments are used as historical comments on who did what with the design. The user can save and record the comments made to the definition, and the comments are displayed along with the logged-in username, date, and time.

Navigate to the Edit - Definition Comment menu option.   


The Definition Comment function is displayed in the right pane. Any previous comments are listed with the datetime stamp. Provide the new comments in the text box and click the Save button to confirm.