Version - July 7th, 2022

Last published at: August 3rd, 2022

Feature Enhancements

21248 Eval engine to not cache if expression has business objects
21329 ATP form speed issue
21364 Task reminders if you enter a -negative value, then reduce that from the expire date of the task
21374 My team tasks, cannot open task, it says no access
21377 My Team Task - If manager tries to open the task of their team members - Access Denied displays.
21383 Word doc generator, provide file name generate, optional items
21392 Look up data, create, edit should check with filter is filter value available


21337 Regression with multi select dropdown
21344 Task due date from date variable not working
21345 Form label control with English and foreign characters become ??? when a form instance is created
21346 User Connector Synch - When email attribute is blank then DO NOT overwrite
21348 Add form files step, if blank file path passed in fails, also add option to ignore invalid files
21356 Remove required marking from comment widget text box
21359 In FD Grid View - Date picker is not available when user adds second row
21360 Sub-form show hide conditions does not work in grid style
21384 Form system variables - to show local time.
21385 Form Page Navigation Form - Previous and Next - Missing FDs
21386 WordDocGenerate - Header section - cannot identify THAI language
21388 hide/show controls by display condition in subform issue
21389 file attachment list/lite controls not shown first time if they are desgined in a boostrapgrid/table separate row
21390 Sub-form show hide conditions does not work in grid style - Execute by params issue
21394 Failed to add multiple attachments using Add Attachments step
21395 Public Form - Unable to Complete Task and Reject Task
21397 Form Definition - ExecuteByParams - Select Language - Render instance issue