Version - August 15th, 2022

Last published at: August 19th, 2022

Feature Enhancements

21486 WF Designer delete multiple wf steps with UI
21535 EditGridData: selecting all/multiple rows
21537 EditGridData column colors - to set custom color using a HEX color code
21557 No form validation in Form Navigation Previous button


21528 User Management: Online users count is always zero in windows authentication
21534 EditGridData search bar doesn't return rows when the grid is filtered
21536 EditGridData: new row dropdowns to move page for full render
21538 EditGridData: [EMPTY] columns rendering incorrect info in new row view
21539 EditGridData: loading conditional dropdown moves page to left
21562 TEST FD "Ryhmän tulojen suunnittelu" issues
21570 queryToFile step CSV file additional delimiters
21572 EditGridData configuration globalizations