Version - September 16th, 2022

Last published at: October 2nd, 2022

Feature Enhancements

21379 Copy-pasting from form designer to a different FD
22061 Synchronize form definition form data table
22205 Custom steps to have a configurable documentation path
22423 Workflow and Form Designer - Ctrl + S should display the validate UI, like Save from menu
22500 Task list table to default sort by date
22527 Getting next form instance id in multi-part form


22208 System log today - yesterday showing wrong data
22213 Rating system for forms - some fixes required
22502 Dropdown form control - configured as 'required', 'read-only' and 'select multiple items' - failing form submission when field is empty
22511 Comments table default order is required - sort on date time stamp in descending order
22512 Form validation alerts "Leave Page" not required in Form Navigation NEXT button
22513 Move data step cannot see field in form if form has signature - in designer view
22520 Form validation alerts "Leave Page" required when tab is closed
22521 Multi-select SQL query dropdown list not rendering in EditGridData
22529 Page Navigation Form Widget -  On click of Previous button in second form, its redirecting to blank page