Version - October 14th, 2022

Last published at: October 26th, 2022

Feature Enhancements

20800 Execute with params link shortening
21894 WF Instance with same step multiple execution source steps
22619 Provide feature to select all / unselect all for check box
22995 Synchronize form definition permissions
22996 Synchronize process definition permissions
22997 Synchronize dashboard permissions - user roles
22998 Synchronize UI and line wrap the artifact name 
22999 Send email notification on waiting task from step properties
23011 Synchronize to create a snapshot on target before update
23087 Grant permissions to PD and FD for app roles with 2 chars like HR, QA, PM, TL etc.
23125 Synchronize of database tables
23229 Reassign Task - Improvements: While sending an email to new assignee, add current task owner in Cc of the email
23254 User list UI, display and search on user additional columns
23407 Instance step property rendering display Execution ID and Execution Time (in millisecs)


20824 LookupViewdata should refer DB connections and not Connections.Config
22915 Process Definition - Design View - Steps Configuration - Popup windows are not sized completely when displayed
23016 Tasks page, clicking table refresh icons throws undefined script error 
23066 Label forgets auto length fix - Regression
23078 ConfigFormWidgets.aspx - Default icons are not displayed on page load
23124 XmlToXls process step - Enhancement
23188 Form not responsive to mobile on labels that span the entire bootstrap grid row
23417 Leave Page alerts are still appearing when multi-select dropdowns are used (submit, save, approve)
23479 Lookup button auto-fill doesn't update field validation