Version - November 18th, 2022

Last published at: November 24th, 2022

Feature Enhancements

21366 Dynamic-subworkflow select what variables/globals to pass parent-child and child-parent
23557 Form definition menu, option to get Form URLs
23558 Update variable step to have an input - Has expression
23559 Update global step to have an input - Has expression
23563 Globalizable title for dashboard widgets (clsDataTableWidget , clsHtmlWidget, clsUserWidget)
23605 Variable and Global : Verify valid data before assigning


23572 Dashboard for All users role doesn't work
23587 'Select All' option not rendered if the checkbox is configured with the display condition 
23588 Typo errors in step metadata: searchandreplacefile, synchronizeStep, abortInstance, clsazuremlgetsentiment, and dynamicSubWorkflow
23590 Forms - Execute Workflow button does note create a workflow instance
23591 Multiple SQL data table dashboard widgets not working on Firefox
23593 Form submission error due to radio button inside hidden table
23594 Synchronize sending a GUID as the user on to the API
23596 Select lists to open in read-only mode - issues with dynamic dropdown list 
23600 Process Instance completing without executing the task
23601 Invalid Form URL issue noticed when the form is rendered
23607 Reject button - removes the REQUIRED marking