Version - January 20th, 2023

Last published at: January 20th, 2023

Feature Enhancements

23841 FlowWright PM - email step to see roles in other projects
23723 Custom pie chart widget improvements


23568 Restarting errored synced subprocess doesn't change main process status
23699 EditGridData - Unable to search on all columns
23735 Mobile device responsiveness issues (Task Notifications, User Dashboards)
23770 Drop Down - Conditional Display - Multiple Selection - The conditional display doesnot work as expected when user selects multiple from the dropdown
23776 In Form - Label widget is not case sensitive for those form the creation of data table is not working as expected.
23793 Required read-only fields prevent submitting
23801 Dropdown - ReadOnly - User is unable to submit the form when the dropdown is marked TypeAhead/MultipleSelect along with Required and ReadOnly fields
23804 BootstrapGrid - Delete Column - The validation message upon clicking on delete column is not appropriate
23814 Copy short url checkbox in BI page has UI issue .
23818 Textbox - validation - The form is getting submitted by entering "space" in the textbox even though it is marked as required
23823 getFormFieldValues returns TRUE without form instance ID
23824 closeOpenTasks step not closing tasks
23833 Select (dropdown) control - configured as Required and ReadOnly - prevents form submission
23865 Form approval button issues on LUKE PROD Forms after definitions were synched
23883 SendEmail step can send empty subject emails - when variable reference value is empty