Version - February 8th, 2023

Last published at: February 8th, 2023

Feature Enhancements

23963 New file path output to moveFile and copyFile


23644 Globalization failed to work since multiple keys (summary lables) are added to EditGridData table
23744 Date widget - typeahead configuration - render issue 
23747 Date widget - render issue

Date widget - validation issue

23752 Date widget - marked required - route form issue
23765 Rich Text Editor - design render issue
23774 Subform - Save Button - Labels - not rendering during conditional value selection from the dropdown list
23775 Administration - Organization - Unable to map users with Managers 

Form validations issues with File widget marked as required 

23856 Comments widget - marked required - validation issue
23864 Radio Buttons in Subform - validation issue
23881 Form validation text messages - marked required - validation issue
23885 File widget - Extensions - inappropriate message correction 
23891 Mobile device responsiveness issues  (dashboard widget - chart title, pagination, search)
23910 Editgriddata summary issue
23914 Form approval / submit fails for required fields - marked readonly through the process
23916 Get managers or Team List - Conditions on My Managers tab - render issue
23929 Workflow instance gets error in isChildWorkflow call of WI API executeParent column blank
23934 Form Save - throw an alert message when form fails to create form datatable or it's columns
23935 Control layout issues in HTML table
23939 Set Password- password message displays is incorrect in User Management
23966 Bootstrapgrid - mobile orientation - button render issue
23974 Rich text area editor widget when configured as required and in edit instance not reflecting as required
23975 Date widget - hide configuration - render issue
23977 Globalization - Resource group - correct authentication message
23979 Subform table cannot input data
23982 Date widget - form instance - save data issue
23984 Form Designer - textbox and dropdown controls - variable names case insensitive
23986 Regular Users authenticated as Admin User when first accessing public form and later access FW
23991 Globalization (configGlobalization.aspx) not same primary and secondary values