Version - September 30th, 2022

Last published at: October 26th, 2022

Feature Enhancements

20799 DataAccess replace incoming null values with blank
21507 Slider form UI control
21529 Render instance to display items by instance and sub-workflow
22154 Data access methods to have a retry
22217 Engine variable optimization


22281 Business Intelligence-Select Instance Plan, Actual & Projected with Configuration, Compute Summary not displaying data, if Subworkflow in NotStarted state
22495 Update variables step - string concantenation or expression is not working in FW v9.12
22515 Form submission failing with "invalid form control with name" and date picker showing "invalid date" in v9.12
22533 Reset password link from Mail & My profile (Change Password) - not checking for the history of last 3 password when user reset password
22907 Set Default culture for users menu UI need to be fixed to view search options & results