Version 9.8.1 - February 19th, 2021

Last published at: July 27th, 2021


  • Incoming variables/global names can be used in any case
  • UI to generate API tokens


  • Approval/reject UI for anonymous tasks
  • Change branding for the login page and application title
  • Changed dashboard widget categories to display in a tree
  • Control the display of dashboards to the users, using users and application role permissions
  • Dashboard widgets can now use System variables within SQL queries
  • Rich text editor updated to the latest UI technology
  • Set product white label name in configuration
  • Simple file attachment list view UI control
  • Task email replacement tokens now available within the rich text editor
  • UI Theme export/import now manages images also
  • UI theme now supports change of the login screen background image
  • Workflow step testing UI


  • Change the owner of a Form definition
  • Copy form definition also copies the forms globalization data
  • Form execute now lets you select globals
  • Form execution now let’s you select a language to display the form
  • Form task now supports locking/unlocking
  • Form widget category UI changed to use a tree
  • Forms background set to white by default, user can change background color
  • Forms designer now supports viewing of workflow definition variables/globals
  • Forms support passing language key through the URL
  • Use variables/globals from the workflow process directly within form UI controls

Decision tables

  • Decision table input columns can be changed to output columns
  • Decision tables now support multiple row matches
  • Decision tables now support return values for no match
  • Export decision tables in Excel format
  • UI enhanced for testing decision tables


  • Authentication providers and connections for authenticating users from different sources
  • Login page accepts passing the language key through URL
  • UI authentication using tokens


  • SFTP connection now supports custom port number


  • Administrative users will receive system notifications
  • Change the owner of a Workflow definition
  • Excel, csv, text to xml workflow step
  • Multiple task approval
  • Process view to view status of workflow instances that are based on a workflow definition
  • Reset to step with auto execute workflow instance
  • Synchronization of user connectors
  • Synchronize now supports synchronization of email templates
  • Task list columns can be displayed based on user roles
  • Task list shows acknowledged and acknowledged on columns
  • Task lock/unlock by administrative and regular users
  • Task queues now support security permissions using users and/or roles
  • Task reassignment by regular users
  • User access request and authorization
  • User connector export/import
  • View email message content within the email queue
  • Workflow designer now supports import of all/or selected variables/globals
  • Workflow designer now supports intersection of lines with line jumps
  • Workflow instance list, select the definition and navigate to the definition


  • ASMX step for calling webservices
  • Multi-tenant workflow steps for managing tenants
  • New step to create new form instance from an existing one
  • New step to generate a password
  • New step to generate a report
  • New step to get email template text
  • New step to query database and create text file
  • New step to route a form to the queue
  • New workflow step to add file attachments to form instance
  • WCF step for calling webservices
  • Workflow step to reset variables to initial values