Version - February 23th, 2023

Last published at: February 24th, 2023

Feature Enhancements

23866 Filtering rows based on multiple column values in EditGridViewtable
23996 Using previous/next form instance ID's in a SQL query
24004 Need a provision to manipulate the instance IDs from the process
24012 Wider lookup button popup window
24013 Comments widget (textbox) should be resizable
24025 View completed forms (task)
24028 A multi-form task when rendered in read-only mode to have the page navigation working


23616 Unnecessary line breaks - form text email message editors
23915 Help Document- Online Rest API Reference link redirects to runtime error page
24001 Top user menu opens in different places when zooming page
24005 Numeric minimum and maximum values not precise
24007 Rich Text Editor - render issues
24008 Rich Text Editor - font size and pixel size render issues
24016 Required controls rendered as optional
24020 FlowWright PM - sub-form (table) hide or read-only field problem