BPM Workflow Error Handling

Efficient BPM Workflow Error Handling Increases Performance

Last published at: April 19th, 2024
We are all used to writing software with many levels of error handling.  When errors occur in BPM production environments, the focus is on getting made operational immediately. When the pressure to perform is high, we all reach for the tool we can rely on, the tool that lets us find and solve the problem quickly. 
Traditionally workflow error handling involved creating error try/catch blocks or detail error information such as error messages and trace logs.  Now if only we had a tool like that for BPM production environments.  FlowWright is introducing workflow error handling from any step within the automated process. 
FlowWright has a graphically designed, return value of “error” from any step. This lets the process designer build workflow error-handling conditions within the workflow process itself. 
For example, what would happen if the workflow step that is supposed to notify customers of their Bank Loan approval status failed?  The fact that an approved application was sitting in a workflow step unable to be processed would have an immediate impact on the organization and possibly do long-term damage if the customer is lost to competition. 
This is the reason why workflow error handling is important to both the BPM solution and the organization.  So in cases such as this, workflow error handling and its associated notification of a problem resolution team member could be built into the process when the email step fails to send out emails to customers. 
Following is an example of using error handling within the process:
 BPM Workflow Error Handling Process Level Errors