Enhanced audit reports

Last published at: July 2nd, 2021

FlowWright provides audit information for a given process definition with enhanced features.

1) they are now template driven and 

2) they can now include much richer content.  

Here's what an audit report looks like within a process definition:

As you can see, it is rich in content and vastly improved in appearance.  These are data-driven reports using templates. Templates can be easily accessed and modified using the following path on the server:


You will find the following template files:

  • WorkflowDefinitionReporttemplate.docx
  • WorkflowInstanceReporttemplate.docx

Open the report template using Microsoft Word and change the template to suit your needs by  changing the logo, fonts, colors, etc. Report generation template looks as follows:

FlowWright’s new audit report functionality uses FlowWright's document generation functionality, similar to the "generateworddocument" step.  We have packed a lot of information into this audit report, from step information to history to all relevant audit information.