Form Page Controls

Learn about the page control features for Forms

Last published at: April 18th, 2024

Close Form

Use this to close the window for the rendered form.


Execute Form

Execute form can display a form to the user, once the form is submitted, a workflow instance is automatically created and executed based on the widget configuration.


Execute Workflow

Use this to execute a selected workflow definition in the real-time mode and have it return the results, to the fields mapped in the definition.


Form Approval 

Use this to submit the form and complete the task.  Form approval buttons should be used when the Form is routed as a task through the workflow process using the RouteForm step. Complete/Reject buttons can be configured using the property page for each button.


Reload Form

Use this to reload the current form.


Save Form

Use this to save the form in edit mode (Note: The form is not submitted to initiate any workflow)


Submit Form

Use this to submit the form and initiate the workflow.


Validate Form

Use this to validate the form and its controls.