Gain Control Over What You Archive in Workflow

Learn to archive process instance, form instance and ESB events

Last published at: April 18th, 2024

Certain FlowWright environments generate 5-15k Process Instances a day; given this large number of instances, any database would most likely degrade in performance. To improve performance over its core data tables and the FlowWright engines, FlowWright provides archival of Process Instances, Form Instances, and ESB Events.

Now you have more control over what you archive! Let's say you want to archive completed process instances, but not the ones with errors; this can be configured now within the product.  


You can do the same with ESB Events. You have control over archiving finished events vs. errored events.  FlowWright now gives you more control over what you can archive. You may want to use removal settings to clean up your database when necessary.