Processing data using workflow steps....

Learn about SQL data steps in workflow process

Last published at: April 18th, 2024

Everything we deal with today contains data. Data is used for making decisions, comparisons, lookups, and many more.  We push data into systems or pull data from systems.  FlowWright provides many database steps that perform different database operations.  Using the out-of-box steps, the following operations can be performed:

  • Get a database value
  • Update a database value
  • Execute a nonresult set query such as an SQL delete command
  • Execute a result set query such as an SQL select command

"ExecuteSQL" steps can be used in any number of combinations within a workflow process to execute SQL commands against a single or multiple databases.  Based on the outcome of the step, the workflow can execute different SQL steps. 

Many organizations that process back-end data operations use the database steps to perform SQL operations against data.  When using the database step with a select SQL command, a result set is returned.  The result set can be processed using the "getNode" step.

Some customers use these database steps to call SQL-stored procedures based on decision logic.  Typically these are processed using SQL server integration services (SSIS), even though SSIS can process, workflow provides the power of decision-making and many other steps that can be strung together to perform functionality.

These steps make it easier for database queries to be performed by business analysts, developers, or database admins.  Use FlowWright database steps to take your SQL processing to the next level.