Using the File Attachment Control within a Form

Last published at: July 6th, 2021

Users are able to attach one or more files to a given form by using the file attachment control within a form. To demonstrate, let’s create a new form called “FileAttachmentList” by dragging the following form widgets to the designer page.

Let's create a new process definition "FileAttachmentList" by dragging and connecting the following workflow steps.

Configure the RouteForm step properties as shown below and save the changes.

Save the process definition. Generate a new process instance and execute. 

Check the process instance status - "sleeping" when the task is assigned to an user.

Select the task associated with the instance and Open to view the Form.  

Enter information for the text fields. Click on "Choose Files" button to upload a file from the local system path folders. 

The file is uploaded and attached to the form successfully. 

Submit the form by selecting "Submit" button. The form is submitted successfully and the uploaded file is attached to the form process instance. 

Navigate to the form definitions tab using the main FlowWright menu.

Click the “Choose File” button to select a file from the local file system to attach. Fill in the rest of the form fields and click the “Submit” button to save the changes to the form.

If the attached file is a large file, a File Upload status bar will be displayed at the top of the form while processing. Once saved, the form is rendered for editing again and file attachments are displayed at the bottom of the form. Repeat the “Choose File” and “Submit” actions for each file that is to be added.