How to use NuGet FlowWright package

Last published at: May 14th, 2024

If you never heard of this product before you ma want to familiarize yourself with, as it is becoming very popular. Many developers use this website to include API packages to their software projects.  Why should teams use NuGet?  Typically when you want to use an API, you have to know what libraries/DLLs to reference; with NuGet all you have to do is to find the package and click install, then the NuGet package manager automatically downloads the selected package and its dependencies and simply adds them to your project.

FlowWright now includes the NuGet package, you can access it from here.   By adding the NuGet package to your Microsoft Visual Studio project, you automatically get all the required API files to use the FlowWright API.  The  following files will be added automatically:

  • cDevDEAPI.dll - high level API
  • cDevDecisionEngine.dll - engine and the low level API
  • deDataAccess.dll - data access layer API
  • cDevDBErrorProvider.dll - error logging API
  • cDevCache.dll - caching provider API
  • cDevAuthentication.dll - authentication provider API
  • deDataAccess.dll - data access provider API

There are many advantages to using the NuGet packages in projects, most important is the ability to easily upgrade to the newest version of FlowWright when it becomes available.  Simply go to the NuGet package manager and click "update" on the package.

The following video shows how to add the FlowWright NuGet package to a Visual Studio project.

NuGet takes the guesswork out of API libraries; use FlowWright API NuGet package today for your projects to see improved results.

If you are using FlowWright v9.10 or below, then use the following NuGet package within Microsoft Visual Studio:

FlowWright API v9.10 Nuget package

If you are using FlowWright v9.12.x, then use the following NuGet package within Microsoft Visual Studio:

FlowWright API v9.12.x NuGet package