Using the deWorkflowInstance API

Last published at: May 14th, 2024

Get a specific Workflow Instance

deWorkflowInstance oInst = oRuntime.getInstance(“id of the instance”);

Gets the specific Workflow instance object 

Execute a Workflow Instance

Bool bFlag = oInst.execute();

Executes the Workflow instance 

Execute a Workflow Instance

Hashtable oInParms = new Hashtable(); 

oInParms[“varA”] = “some value”; 

bFlag = oInst.execute(oInParms);

Sets the default values of the Workflow instance variables using the InParms and executes the Workflow instance 

Get the definition for the Workflow instance

deWorkflowDefinition oDef = oInst.getDefinition(); Insert your text here

Returns the Workflow definition object for the instance 

Get the parent instance

deWorkflowInstance oParentInst = oInst.getParentInstance();

Returns the parent instance for the selected instance