Data Table

Learn about form data tables.

Last published at: May 14th, 2024

Data tables capture data from the forms automatically for reporting and other purposes. By default a new form definition does not have the data table configured and this is identified by the “Has Data Table” column as seen in the form definitions table.  

Select the Form Definition and select "Actions -> Data Table" menu item.  

Enter the Target Table name in the input box provided and click "Add" button.

The data table is created with an alert notification. All the form fields are listed in the column alphabetically.   

The form definitions page confirms the association of data table as shown in the image below.  

The search feature during form data table creation is used to search for a specific form field by name. 

Use the “Update” button to update the data table for any addition or removal of form fields in the form definition. This update activity may not seem necessary as the form changes are in sync with its data table at all times.  

During run time, when the form is submitted, the Data Table is populated with the data from the form fields. Navigate to Create - Data Table page to manage the data tables of all forms. The “# of Records” column indicates the total record count.

Select the data table to view the contents from this page as shown in the images below.

Select the record to view the more details.



When the forms have subforms, the data table should be created for subforms as well in the design time.  When the form design is modified then the data table schema is automatically altered to fit the revised form.

There are no provisions to import excel data into data table within the application. We understand the data integrity is compromised by doing this.