Getting form field values and saving in variables within the process

Last published at: May 14th, 2024

Next, let’s drag the “getFormFieldValues” step to the designer and connect to the last step on the process.

Let’s define another variable called “lastName” with a string data type.

Click on the new step and configure the following properties: 

Next, let’s define the mappings between the form fields and the variables. 

When the process instance executes, the value of the “txtLastName” field will be placed in the variable “lastName”.  Let’s save the definition and re-execute the workflow instance. 

Above shows the rendered view of the task containing the form, the following values were entered to the form and the task was completed.   Let’s render the executed process:

Click on the last step on the process to view the step properties:

Select the menu item “View -> Variables” to view variables and their values.

As highlighted above, the variable “lastName” contains the value entered in the “txtLastName” field within the form.