Moving data between forms within a process

Last published at: May 14th, 2024

Using the “moveformdata” step, mappings can be configured to move data between 2 Form Instances. Open the process definition within the designer and add another “instantiateForm” step to the process.

Let’s define another variable called “formID2” with the data type string.  

Click on the “instantiateForm” step and configure the following values for the properties:

Let’s drag the “moveformdata” step and connect it to the end of the process.  

Click on the step properties and configure the following values:

Click the field mappings button and configure the following mappings:

These mappings will simply move data from form1 to fom2, so the value of field last name will get set in the last name field of form2 and the same for the first name field.  

Save the process definition and re-execute the process instance.  

When the form task is routed, enter the following values to the form:

After the task is completed, render the process instance:

Click the “Items -> Forms” menu item to view the forms created by the process.

Form with the name “Manning” got created first, click on the form to view its content.

Let’s render the next Form that was created at the end of the process.

As you can see, field data from the first form was populated to the second form by the process.