Customize Task Columns

Last published at: October 6th, 2021

Admin can customize the task columns for the Application Roles defined in FlowWright using the “Table Columns” functionality as shown below. The FlowWright users mapped to the app roles can only view the task columns configured for them. 

Navigate to "Create - Table Columns" menu option to view the Table Columns page. The table displays the list of table columns previously configured as shown below. 

Select "Actions - Create" menu option to create a new table column. 

The user interface to configure a new definition is shown below. 

Provide the "Name" information and select the "Task" type from the drop down control. Click on Application Roles to select the previously configured roles in FlowWright.  Select the columns necessary for the user mapped to the application role to view and click on Add button to customzie. Click on Save / Update to confirm the new definition. 

If the definition contains more than one Application Role then the app role with maximum number of columns are considered for display. 

Now, the Task Columns are customized for the user mapped to the application role (HR in this example) is shown below.