Eliminate Manual Updating in a BPM workflow environment

Last published at: April 17th, 2021

Today most customers have multiple FlowWright environments, development, QA and production.  Developers may develop steps, business objects, forms , workflow definitions, etc now these need to be ported over to the QA environment for the QA people to test the built functionality.  In most products this must be done manually, even on some of the enterprise applications available to the market. 

FlowWright makes this task very simple by having a "Synchronization" feature.  You can either push from a source to a target environment or pull from the target environment to the source environment.  Under the Status menu, theres a sub-menu called "Synchronize".


Synchronize lets you synch many different types of items within FlowWright, you can synchronize the following types of items:

  • data types
  • steps
  • business objects
  • event definitions
  • event handlers
  • event subscribers
  • users
  • workflow definitions
  • form definitions
  • dashboard widgets
  • dashboard layouts
  • dashboards
  • reports
  • form widgets
  • configuration settings
  • queues
  • connections
  • globalization data

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