How to Automate your Sales Process within your CRM to Increase Revenue

Last published at: April 11th, 2021

You have a sales process in place (see generic sales process example below) 

implementing a sales process diagram

Step 1: Drive Productivity by automating your sales process with FlowWright workflow technology. Our designer allows you to drag/drop your sales process and put the power of workflow behind your existing tools. 

FlowWright Workflow Designer: 

define sales process and drag and drop as needed


Step 2: When an opportunity is created in your CRM (1) by a sales representative an instance of your sales process automatically kicks off (2)


example opportunity in saleforce april 2018


when an opp is created workflow kicks off april 2018

Step 3: Tasks are routed to reps and opportunity updates routed to managers. 

tasks are now waiting in the CRM for the rep

Tasks can link to forms like this: 

need qualifying questions or forms we handle that too

Step 4: When Tasks are completed/submitted data is automatically updated in CRM, and milestones are moved accordingly

milestones in CRM autoupdated

Managers and reps can click on the link in the tasks picture of the workflow to see the current process status. 

dashboard mangement UI sales process flowwright

Operating your sales team and sales process this way will execute high jumps in efficiency and compliance. Shorten your sales cycle and make more opportunities happen.  

*Our CRM workflow solution is built for teams with 5 reps or more