Instantiating Forms From Within A Process

Last published at: April 26th, 2021

There are many use cases where a process needs to instantiate and route forms to users for data collection or approvals.   Once the data is collected, that data from forms can be used for computations.

This comes in handy especially within human resource processes; a process such as employee on-boarding will route many forms to different users within an organization for approvals and data collection.  It will also make decisions based on the data provided by different users.

Here's a video example of how to build such a workflow process within FlowWright: 

As you just saw, FlowWright supports many combinations of joining forms within workflow processes.  The 2 most common ways this happens is through:  

  • Starting with a form, once the form is submitted, the workflow process starts
  • Starting a workflow process where the process will instantiate many forms and route them to users

We hope this example to help you design your automated processes.