Recycle bin

Last published at: May 14th, 2024

Move the definition to the recycle bin

When a process definition is removed, its first moved to the recycle bin.  In case you change your mind, it can be restored from the recycle bin.  To remove a process definition, first, select the definition from the list and click the “Actions -> Recycle bin -> Move To” menu item to remove the definition from the table as shown below:

View recycle bin contents

Although the definition will be removed from the definitions UI, it will be still available for the user to restore or destroy completely within the recycle bin.  To view these definitions click the “Actions -> Recycle Bin -> View” menu item. To completely remove the process definition from FlowWright, select the definition and click on the “Destroy” menu item to remove the definition permanently.

To restore the selected definition, select the definition, and click the “Restore” menu item as shown below.

Click the “Empty” menu item to remove all process definitions and to clear the recycle bin.