Version 10.1 - January 11th, 2024

Last published at: January 12th, 2024


  • REST API rate limits
  • UI application rate limits
  • Lock user after 3 failed attempts
  • UI to manage unlock users
  • Strong JWT tokens for authentication
  • OWASP Top 10 certified
  • NIST certified


  • API - execute and save process instances in real-time
  • Save executed Microservices as process instances
  • Get/Set environment variables process steps
  • Remove process instances based on definition and status
  • Process engine down time, configure time for engine to not process
  • Optimize link priority using process runtime data
  • Designer navigates to invalid steps
  • XML compare step
  • Process instance rendering lets you filter/exclude steps from the rendered graphic
  • Push design changes to process and its sub-processes
  • Upload file steps now tracks the uploaded file's relative path


  • Form data auto save based on configuration
  • Designer show required fields
  • QR code scanner form widget
  • Form reset button widget
  • Designer dialogs are moveable
  • Grid view supports background color at row, column or whole grid
  • Designer add grid row also supports # of columns on the row
  • Designer grid view support duplicate of last row
  • Designer view globalization data at control level
  • Designer mark label controls for not globalizing


  • Removal of process instances using database stored procedures for high performance
  • FlowWright entities using Microsoft Entity Framework Core
  • API optimizations
  • New methods in the REST API

Data Access Layer

  • Transaction support
  • Microsoft Entity Framework Core support

Business Intelligence

  • Task durations for selected process definitions
  • Users involved in completing tasks for a given process definition


  • Archived data is compressed and stored
  • Set archival days and time


  • System log entries with reference data are linked and can be opened using the link


  • Emails are sent through the email queue
  • Emails now support "On Behalf Of"
  • Test email from multi-tenant shows tenant name in the subject line of the email

User Interface

  • Context based help documentation
  • View all invalid configuration on a single place
  • Auto detect configuration changes to the AppSettings.json
  • Configuration settings import/export
  • Supports loading and rendering of external UI and associated libraries
  • Remove process instances based on status
  • View a list of locked accounts
  • Access requests now send out email notifications
  • Auto detect items from a selected folder
  • Task list task has a navigation icon to render the process
  • Settings designer now shows IsTenantManager column
  • Building Microservices auto refreshes the UI
  • Restart Application from UI
  • Globalization language list shows language name and culture name
  • Dashboard performance improvements
  • Menu performance improvements
  • UI Theme color changes are displayed in a real-time view


  • Clear selections
  • Expression tool now supports the expression builder


  • Manage stored procedures in version upgrades
  • FlowWright v10 Upgrade utility for previous versions of v9.x and below