Version 10.0.0 - August 15th, 2023

Last published at: August 25th, 2023

FlowWright v10 is a major version, and there are many new features and technology upgrades in this version.  Some of the key technology upgrades are:

  • Application is architected and built on Microsoft .Net CORE 7.0
  • MVC architecture
  • FlowWright engines are completely rearchitected for performance, scalability, and reliability using new algorithms
  • Restructured .Net API
  • Restructure and minified REST API
  • Host of new enhancements

User Interface

  • Migrated to use latest architecture and technologies
  • UI is optimized with partial rendering
  • UI is optimized to use less database calls and provide faster page loads
  • UI redirection from aspx (old urls) to new urls
  • Context based integrated help documentation
  • Increased and improved UI performance using new architecture, compression, and caching


  • Engines are completely rearchitected with new algorithms for performance and scalability
  • Engine logging, control the level of logging through configuration
  • Engine API - each engine provides a REST based API to communicate with and also Realtime statistical data
  • Engine statistical graphs, view how the engines are performing
  • Engines have built in statistics for the last 24 hours
  • Engines have their own system logs with configuration to control the level of logging

API Enhancements

  • API name space is divided into logical sub name spaces based on the functional module
  • .Net API follows Microsoft API naming conventions
  • All FlowWright component files start with
  • Data access layer using DBFactory for increase data access performance with native driver database access
  • New Data Bridge service for accessing other database data using OLE DB drivers
  • REST API is more focused and minified

System Health Check

  • System health check monitor


  • Docker container support
  • Azure scale set support
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) support
  • Scale set licensing support


  • Scale set license
  • Store license in database
  • Licensing utility upgrades

Process Designer

  • Optimized variable storage for performance, scalability and storage
  • Machine learning to predict next step
  • Provide step state and percent complete at any step
  • Process create instance remembers last provided data for variables and globals
  • Lock controls within the designer from moving
  • Process steps now support 8 ports instead of the 4 ports, each port can have up to 4 connections
  • Step recycle bin


  • New graphical reporting solution
  • Report generation steps for process flow


  • New engine log to view messages from the engines, control the level of logging through configuration
  • Security/Intrusion log - view invalid and intrusion requests to the application
  • Data access log - view data access issues and errors


  • Save and load database queries
  • Save and load expressions
  • Restart application


  • Azure Application Insights