Version 10.5 - June 26, 2024

Last published at: June 27th, 2024


  • Application explorer, view a list of items that are being used by the application
  • App Store enhancements and fixes

AI Copilot

  • Copilot configuration


  • Dashboard system widget drill down
  • Function widget helpers

User Interface

  • UI collection notifications
  • Complete task using URL - Fix
  • Health check UI uses smart refresh

Tenant Manager

  • Tenant Manager default system dashboard
  • Tenant Manager business intelligence tools
  • Tenant Manager REST API
  • Business intelligence RESTA API
  • Restart the application through the Tenant Manager

Process Designer

  • AI Copilot is able to predict the next step and add it to the process
  • AI Copilot can take a description and create the whole process automatically
  • Process step text is set to bold
  • Process connection text is set to italics
  • Auto-configure choices for the choice task based on the next steps


  • Rate limit IP white list
  • Rate limit logging to the security log
  • Session logout time  is now managed through UI


  • Process instance execution performance improvements, reduced # of database calls
  • Performance improvement in getting a process definition
  • New steps for getting and setting configuration values
  • Performance improvements using object caching


  • Reassign tasks to multiple users


  • Select and remove multiple users
  • Select and make multiple users active
  • Select and make multiple users inactive