updateVariable Step

Use this step to update workflow variables with user defined values.

Last published at: June 17th, 2024


This step updates a workflow variable/variables with user-defined values.



  • variableName – the name of the variable to update
  • variableValue – value of the variable
  • updateVariables – update multiple variables with values 
  • hasExpression – has expression (Yes/No). Consider the data as an expression for YES and the data by itself for NO configuration  



  • True –variable updated successfully
  • False – variable not updated 






Let’s build and execute the “updateVariableDef” example.          

  • Create a new definition called “updateVariableDef” 
  • Select the definition and click the “design” button
  • Drag the above controls from the toolbox and connect as shown above
  • Define a variable to store the result after execution
  • Click on the "updateVariable" step to configure its "Settings" properties. Provide a name to the step. 


  • Click on the "updateVariable" step to configure its "Advanced" properties. Provide the single variable reference and value. 


  • Click on the button to update multiple variables with values. Provide the variable reference and values. Configure “Yes” if the value to be computed is an expression. Note: Use either single variable references or multiple ones, not both.  


  • Expression Builder Utility. Click inside the textbox. Use the keyboard shortcut ALT + E to invoke the expression builder. This utility shall enable the building and validation of expressions, as shown in the image below. Send the expression to the clipboard and paste it into the input field.


  • Example for conditions to evaluate: 
e.g. Variable.number + 10 >100  
e.g. Global.testNumber + 100 / Variable.colNum >=1000
e.g. Variable.data + "test" == “Apptest”
e.g. Global.hasData == 1


  • Save the process definition, create a process instance, and execute.  This step should update the variable/variables with values. Render the process instance. To view the variable values, select the Items—Variables—Latest menu option.