XMLToTxt Step

Use this step to convert XML to TXT format.

Last published at: June 16th, 2024


This step converts the XML data into TXT format with rows and columns. It may be used in conjunction with the ExecuteSQLStatement step as it requires the//Row tag in the XML to process.



  • xmlVariable – Variable that holds the xml. Ex: - variable.data
  • txtFilePath – TXT file path on the FlowWright server
  • writeColHeadings - Write column names
  • rowDelimiter – Row delimiter
  • colDelimiter – Column delimiter



  • True – step executed successfully
  • False – step failed to execute 






Let’s build and execute the “XmlToTxtDef” example.          

  • Create a new definition called “XmlToTxtDef.” 
  • Select the definition and click the “design” button
  • Drag the “ExecuteSQL” and “XMLtoTXT” steps from the toolbox
  • Configure Variable variable.xmlData as a string to hold the XML value (containing //Row tag) 
  • Connect the dots between the start, “ExecuteSQL” and “XMLtoTXT”  steps
  • Click on the “executeSQL” step to configure its “Settings” properties. Provide a name to the step. Select the connection string from the drop-down list. Provide the SQL statement to execute. Select “XML” as the result format from the drop-down list. 


  • Click on the “executeSQL” step to configure its “Advanced” properties. Provide a database name if it's different from the FlowWright database. Provide variable/global to store the XML value. Select “No” to get an entire result set. Provide SQL command time-out duration (in seconds). Click on the button to provide the SQL parameters.  


  • Click on the “XmlToTXT” step to configure its “Settings” properties. Give the step a name. Provide the variable/global reference containing the XML value. Provide the text file path information. 


  • Click on the “XmlToTXT” step to configure its “Advanced” properties. Selection “OFF” to ignore column names. Provide the row delimiter sign (pipe symbol |). Provide the column delimiter sign (tilde symbol ~). 


  • Save the process definition, create a new process instance, and execute. The step should transform the XML data into a TXT file and save it to the path specified on the server. 
  • A sample xmlData (containing //Row tags) are shown here
  • A sample XMLtoTXT transform is shown here