Instance plan, actual & projected

Learn about instance plan, actual and projected duration

Last published at: May 25th, 2024

This report generates a report for the plan, actual vs. projected timing for all the tasks/choices, and sub-workflow steps that are executed, waiting, and not started in the selected Instance. 

The report displays the time to execute each task/choice or sub-workflow step when the instance is executed. The Instance's “Delta Duration” is accurately calculated based on the “Plan Duration” – “Actual Duration.”   If the step is executed within the planned start and end time frame, the “Delta Duration” is displayed in “Green” color. All dates/times are stored within the database as UTC and displayed based on the user's local timezone. 

Note: Engine runtime data are in ISO + UTC format. 


If the step's actual execution time exceeds the planned time, then it is displayed in “Red” color with a negative delta value, as shown below:


Users can copy the BI instance report link with a simple click on the “Copy as Link” button. This feature enhances the tool's usability, allowing users to easily share or save the report for future reference.

All the sub-workflow folders are conveniently expanded by clicking on the “Folder” icon, providing a comprehensive view of the workflow structure. The “Export As” button is a valuable feature that allows you to export the selected instance projection details into an Excel sheet. This functionality provides you with a useful data export option, enabling you to further analyze or share the data as needed.

Clicking the “Export as Excel” button exports the details in the report table.