Using the FWProcessDesign API

Last published at: June 21st, 2023

Creating the FWProcessDesign object

FWProcessDesign oDesign = new FWProcessDesign (“connection string to the FlowWright database”, “exernal user name”);

Creating a new Process Definition

FWProcessDefinition oDef = oDesign.CreateDefinition(“name of the definition”);

CreateDefinition method creates a deWorkflowDefinition object using the provided name of the definition. 

Remove a Workflow Definition

 bool bFlag = oDesign.RemoveDefinition(“id of the definition”);

Get a Workflow Definition (using id of the definition) 

FWProcessDefinition oDef = oDesign.GetDefinition(id of the definition);

Gets the FWProcessDefinition object using the id of the definition.

Get a Workflow Definition (using name of the definition)

FWProcessDefinition oDef = oDesign.GetDefinitionUsingName(name of the definition);

Get Workflow Definitions

Dictionary<string, FWProcessDefinition > oDefs = oDesign.GetDefinitions();

Gets all the definitions within the application.

Dictionary<string, FWProcessDefinition > oDefs = oDesign.GetDefinitions(“created by user id”); allows you to get a collection of process definitions created by the specified user.

Gets all definitions created by a given user inside a given tenant.

Dictionary<string, FWProcessDefinition > oDefs = oDesign.GetDefinitions(“”, “tenant ID”);


Create a Workflow User

bool bFlag = oDesign.CreateUser(“external user identification”, “external user full name”, “external user email”, “admin user true or false”, “ref userID”);

Creates an User object given the user information.

Get a Workflow User

FWUser oUser = oDesign.GetUserUsingExternalUserName(“external user full name”);   This line of code will retrieve an FWUser object, 'oUser', using the 'oDesign' object of the FWProcessDesign API with a supplied external user name as a parameter.

Get a list of Workflow Users

Dictionary<string, FWUser> oUsers = oDesign.GetUsers();

Gets a list of Workflow users into a dictionary object.

Get the current user’s Workflow user id

String sUserID = oDesign.GetWorkflowUserID();

Gets the current user’s workflow user ID, this user id is maintained internally to identify the user.

Get the current user's user session by utilizing the API method FWProcessDesign.GetUserSession().