Using the FWBusinessIntelligence API

Last published at: June 21st, 2023

Creating the FWBusinessIntelligence object

FWBusinessIntelligence oBI = new FWBusinessIntelligence(“connection string to the FlowWright database”, “exernal user name”);


Get # of Workflow Definitions

long lCount = oBI.GetNumberOfDefinitions();

Gets the # of Workflow definitions 


Get # of Workflow Instances

long lCount = oBI.GetNumberOfInstances(); Insert your text here

Gets the # of Workflow instances 


Get # of Form Definitions

long lCount = oBI.GetNumberOfFormDefinitions(); Insert your text here

Gets the # of Form definitions 


Get # of Form Instances

long lCount = oBI.GetNumberOfFormInstances();

Gets the # of Form instances 


Get # of Users

long lCount = oBI.GetNumberOfUsers ();

Gets the # of users 


Get # of Steps configured

long lCount = oBI.GetStepCount(); Insert your text here

Gets the # of steps configured